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Gerassimos Victoratos

 Hi folks Geras here,
 Nice weather we are having as of late. Good time of year to get tattooed. I can remember
 when I started tattooing professionally in 1996. Yup, those were the days, the sun , the surf,
 fresh air , but I digress ladies and gentleman, back to the subject at hand....Tattooing ,
 tattoos and tattooed people, obviously you nice people are looking for good tattoos or you would
 not have ended up at our web page. We like good tattoos too." What's there not to like anyway"
 I always say, yes-sir-ee-bob! Maybe all you nice people should walk into our shop and talk to David,
 Jonathan, or me Geras, that's  ge' RAS  people. I know it's a bit different than your used to people
 don't butcher the name, ok? Any who, come and talk to us about a piercing and or a new tattoo ,
 we can even  touch up or cover that older tattoo that seems faded. 
               Why, I can remember the time I even tattooed some legs on a big freckle for this guy,
 but that's another story altogether. We are open from 9am 'til midnight everyday and we'll be 
 expecting you so don't disappoint. See ya.

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